As an enrolled student at Newbattle Abbey College, this section provides some forms that you may require to fill out.

This form should be completed for periods of sickness absence of between one and five consecutive calendar days and must be submitted to your Guidance Tutor as soon as possible after your return to college.

This form should be used by students who wish to request absence from scheduled classes for reasons other than sickness – for example, for dependant’s emergency care, to attend the funeral of a close family member, for religious holidays, to attend a hospital or emergency doctor/dental appointment, or to attend court. This form can also be used to inform the college of unavoidable holiday commitments within a semester – however, note that this may be recorded as an unauthorised absence and any funding that FE students are in receipt of may not be paid for the period of the holiday.

The form should be completed and submitted to the Guidance Tutor in advance (where possible) of any planned absences.

The purpose of the College Discretionary Fund is to assist students who have their own accommodation and require assistance in paying their housing costs and associated expenses. More info.

This form is to be completed when a student knows for good reason that they won’t be able to meet the assessment submission deadline date. The circumstances under which such a request would be considered would be for serious personal and/or family reasons. For example, health issues, bereavement, or other emergency situations. Students may be asked to provide evidence in support of this request. Once completed, students should email the form to their guidance tutor.