Newbattle Abbey College policies and procedures are a tool to guide staff and students, and to enable staff to take an appropriate and consistent approach.

Not all of our polices are published on our website, only the ones which may be of interest to you if you are considering applying to the College as a student or a potential employee.

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information (FOI) aims to increase openness and accountability by ensuring that people have the right to access information held by Scottish public authorities.

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act is intended to allow anyone to obtain information they require from public bodies, such as the College. This places three basic requirements on us, that we:

  • routinely put in the public domain as much information about ourselves as is reasonably possible
  • ensure that, where an individual requires information that we hold but have not already published, we provide the enquirer with the relevant information
  • have in place a properly structured approach to managing records to ensure that essential records of our activities are maintained in appropriate detail (and hence relevant information is readily available to the public)

For more information on what FOI means to the College and how requests for information are dealt with, please refer to the following documents:

Health and Safety

Our Health & Safety policies ensure that all staff, students and visitors are kept safe within our buildings.


In the event of fire, the safety of life shall override all other considerations, such as saving property and/or extinguishing the fire. Consequently, in the event of a fire occurring, all persons shall immediately evacuate all College buildings

Student Health & Safety Handbook

Download the Student Handbook below, which contains all relevant details on health & safety for students.


Newbattle Abbey College is committed to the active pursuit of equality of opportunity, celebrating diversity and challenging discrimination.

This equality and diversity policy is designed to ensure consistency of the implementation of equality of opportunity, and to acknowledge and promote diversity in all spheres of College life. The College recognises that it has legal obligations to prevent discrimination and promote equal opportunities. It also recognises the compelling business and moral case for equality and inclusion and believes that by the elimination of unfair discrimination an Equality and Diversity Policy can improve:

  • working relations within the College;
  • the College standing as a fair employer;
  • its ability to attract students and job applicants from a wider pool.

The Equality and Diversity Policy is intended to give a common sense approach to the rights and responsibilities of all staff and students.


AccessAble have produced 6 useful guides to college facilities, car parking and building access. Access the AccessAble guides here.

Student Policies

Below you will find a description the College’s procedures related to students:


This policy provides guidance on the procedures involved when a student wishes to lodge a complaint or where it is felt that a complaint has not been dealt with correctly. This policy is based on the principles of fairness, transparency and good customer service.

Academic Issues

Students have the right of appeal against assessment decisions, which may adversely affect his/her academic achievement, if they feel there are just grounds such as error, inconsistent judgment, misinterpretation or unfairness.

Mental Health

Our aim is to create a supportive environment where good mental health is recognised as essential for our students to flourish and be successful.

Access and Inclusion
Period Products
FE Bursaries Appeals Procedure

The FE Bursaries Appeals Procedure relates to the calculation of bursary awards and the assessment of an applicant’s eligibility for bursary assistance.

Child Safeguarding and Adults at Risk
Privacy and Cookies

Privacy and Data Security

Employee Privacy Policy
Information Security Policy

Human Resources


It is the policy of Newbattle Abbey College to ensure consistent and equitable treatment of employees who are considered to be experiencing difficulties in performing their work duties to the required standard.

Disclosure of Criminal Records

Newbattle Abbey College has a duty to ensure that students of the organisation are suitably protected and that anybody undertaking work at the College are disclosed for any applicable criminal conviction that may influence the execution of their duties.


In the event that is becomes necessary to implement a redundancy programme, the College will comply with existing legislation and agreed practice outlined in the document below.

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

The Disciplinary policy and procedure is a system to which Newbattle Abbey College and its employees shall have regard when matters of work conduct, performance and discipline arise.


Every member of staff has the right to seek redress for grievances relating to their employment. Whilst recognising the need for a formal procedure, it is accepted as a general principle that grievances are best resolved informally and as close to the point of origin as possible. In accordance with this principle, it is agreed that the formal process should not normally be used until attempts at informal grievance resolution have been exhausted.


Annual Report on Institution Led Review of Quality 2014-2015
Newbattle OA 2014-2015 Self Evaluation Report
Annual Engagement Visit Report by Education Scotland, August 2023

For further information relating to polices not covered here, please email us at: