What are the FOLA Skills Awards?

Information for Schools  and Community Groups

Skills Awards SCQF Levels 2 – 5 For Schools and Community Groups

We deliver Forest and Outdoor Learning Awards (FOLAs) Skills levels 2 – 5 for children, young people and adults in schools and community groups. These are most suitable for those is upper primary, secondary and schools supporting ASN. They are also relevant for adults with few or no formal qualifications.


The programmes are funding dependent so there is no set schedule of dates. We can organise a programme for organisations who can self-fund on request (4 min – 15 max group size.) Periodically we receive funding for such programmes and can offer these to local organisations, schools, or community groups.


We can deliver the FOLA Skills Awards in our woodland here at Newbattle or on your own site. Content We cover nature connection, responsible access in the outdoors (SOAC), species identification, conservation, working with tools and fire safely as well as woodcraft, storytelling, and other creative elements.


Awards are inclusive and accessible for all – there are no tests and no written requirements for levels 2 -4. All assessment is flexible and appropriate for participants making them particularly relevant for those who find traditional classroom learning challenging. Time Commitment A minimum of 6 weekly sessions for a condensed programme, or over an academic term (10 weeks) but can be delivered over a full academic year as part of a wider education programme.

For more information, please contact FOLA@nac.ac.uk