The Candidate’s Story: Viki

1. What attracted you to getting involved in the Adult Achievement Awards?

I wanted to get involved with AAA because it is a recognition of work that I have already been involved with. Working achieve a high level of certification is great as I have completed a degree in the past and want to go on to complete a postgraduate course, so it is a great way to get back to studying. It also enhances my CV and has the added benefit of being flexible learning.

2. Tell me what you did/ are doing?

I was training to become a member ambassador, which involved training such as public speaking, homelessness awareness, fundraising and campaigning through a variety of learning methods and practical experience.

3. What do you hope to achieve?

I hope to successfully complete the course and achieve the qualification. I also welcome the chance to reflect on work that I have already completed and to be better prepared for future learning.

4. What do you think are the benefits of the Adult Achievement Awards?

Benefits include – I can learn at my own pace around other commitments such as working as I am not restricted by class times and deadlines; it enables me to look back on my learning over the past year and has encouraged me to be a more reflective learner in general; it is helping me to identify key strengths and my preferred learning style as well as allowing me to consider how this may help me with other learners in my current employment. I can also use what I have learnt when planning and completing future study.

5. What would you say to anyone thinking of taking part in the Adult Achievement Awards?

I would say that it is a really worthwhile course and will be really useful no matter what stage you are at with your learning or what your future plans are with learning/employment/general personal development. It is a chance to gain a qualification at whatever level suits the individual whilst developing tools to enable reflective practice. It is a great opportunity to gain certified recognition for work already/in the process of being completed.